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DCC – Dogs, Cats and Companions

DCC Animal Hospital is on a mission of ensuring each pet gets the best in healthcare in India. A multispecialty hospital with advanced equipment, skilled doctors practicing global standards of veterinary and passion for pets in the heart of each of our staff members.

Envisioned by A’alda Pvt Ltd and founded in 2019, we are here to Redefine Veterinary, Simplify Veterinary!


Our advisors are also animal lovers

D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., DACVS

Dr. Fossum is a world-renowned veterinary surgeon, entrepreneur and the CEO/Co-founder of Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care which is producing natural pet wellness products that are safe and effective.

Dr. Fossum was formerly the Vice President of Research and Strategic Initiatives at Midwestern University and prior to that she was the Chancellor for Global and Corporate Partnerships for the Texas A&M University System.


Dr. Theresa Fossum


Small Animal Surgery - A Book By Dr. Fossum



Parity in healthcare for pets at par with humans.

Access to best healthcare is an equivalent right of pets and humans, we are all one society!


Pet to partner, from a member of the family to a member of society.

Our vision is to preserve and nurture the human-animal bond. We treat our pets with respect and care. We believe that pets are a part of our society and they deserve the unconditional love they give us.



Compassion, Integrity & Dedication

Our core values set the standard for our behavior, our service to the pets and their parents.
They enable us, by reminding the importance of the profession we’ve chosen and the faith placed
upon us.

Compassion: We treat all pets and the people that love them with compassion.

Integrity: We understand the importance of accurate information. We practice
transparency, truthfulness and timely communication with our clients

Dedication: We are committed to our clients and also the community we serve.

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Dedication


Client Speak Client Love!


The Technology we use is State of The Art

We work in line with global techniques in veterinary and best in class equipment at DCC Animal Hospital. Right from the smallest of health issue, preventive care to surgery and intensive care we are fully equipped to assure your pet a happy healthy life.

Below is the list of machines/equipment that we use to take care of your loved ones:

1. IDEXX ProCyte, Catalyst & other in-house tests:
Hospital testing allows for rapid diagnosis and treatment. We are also able to save and refer to
past records to understand the issue even better.

2. Digital radiograph:
This is used to quickly capture and develop digital radiographic images that allow us more
detailed evaluation for a screening of each body system. For difficult cases, we share the
images directly with an outside expert.

3. Ultrasound:
We have a real-time & detailed image evaluation process that includes the movement of internal
structures such as the digestive tract and heart.

4. Dental station:
A complete set of basic dental instruments are available to ensure that the procedure can be
carried out properly.

5. A gas anesthetic machine with a ventilator:
Gas Anesthesia Machine is used for finer control of general anesthesia and the ventilator to
automatically control ventilation when respiratory management is required.

6. Surgical monitor:
Comprehensive monitor to analyze the vitals during anesthesia and emergency


The best in medical care meets best in technology

At DCC Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of technology and the opportunities it can provide to easy the pet parent’s journey.

Our in-house software manages the entire hospital operations with a direct focus on helping pet parents interact with DCC for their pet’s needs

Using our proprietary DCC PetConnect application, pet parents can now access their pet’s medical history, vaccination records, reports, prescriptions, invoices, schedule appointments and receive reminders, book telehealth appointments, access a detailed knowledge base and a lot more!

With PetConnect, our customers do not have to worry about carrying the previous medical history of their pet with them and it also helps them save time by booking their appointment in advance. With this application, our clients now have access to our services on their fingertips.



We have the finest support staff working for your pet

Everyone at DCC is committed to the cause of wellbeing of our pets. They are truly driven by passion for our loved companions and right from the entry point till the the point you leave, you will feel the abundance of love.

We are here for your pet's needs

DCC PetConnect, out mobile application is coming soon on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Stay tuned for updates.

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